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JTG Daugherty Racing

Welcome to the home of JTG Daugherty Racing, with NASCAR drivers Ryan Preece and Chris Buescher in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. JTG Daugherty Racing is the definition of a family-run business that started 25 years ago in a barn. Tad and Jodi Geschickter have built the JTG Daugherty Racing family with co-owners Brad Daugherty and Gordon Smith in a shop home to more than 100 employees with two full-time MENCS teams.

Stay tuned for your chance to win!

Throughout the NASCAR season JTG Daugherty Racing will feature multiple themed sweepstakes with prizes totaling over $150,000! Be sure to visit us frequently for the latest news and money saving promotions.

The Flavor Fill Up Sweepstakes starts on February 28th!

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Percil is better! Cleans as good as Tide without the harshness. I love the white for sensitive skin !

Is the flavor the same or is it new?

Not good for your machine

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10 Years ago, 2008 Speedweeks I scored my first Tour Modified Win.

10 years later, 100+ Modified wins/championship later, I’m making my first @NASCAR @MonsterEnergy Cup Daytona 500 start.

Risking everything for this chance. This is what it’s about.


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