Nick Ottinger

No. 47 iRacing Driver

Name: Nick Ottinger
Hometown: Claremont, North Carolina
Date of Birth: June 7th, 1994
Platform: iRacing
Car No:  47 Kroger Camaro ZL1
Hobbies: Graphic Design, Gaming, Exploring Nature

Nick Ottinger is a seasoned iRacing winning driver that began racing when he was 15 years old. Fast forward to today, he is now the wheelman for the No. 47 Kroger Camaro ZL1 in the 2019 eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series claiming his first victory at Talladega Superspeedway on April 23.

His love for racing developed at age 13 when his time playing football, baseball and basketball came to a screeching halt due to him having to have open heart surgery, which stemmed from having an issue with blood being pumped in and out of his heart.

During months of recuperation, one of his brothers (Chris Ottinger) bought him a PlayStation and some racing games. His passion grew as he raced on PlayStation and heard stories about his dad – Fred Ottinger – racing at local short tracks in the 1980s at Hialeah Speedway in southern Florida. He credits his dad for learning the most on how to approach driving the race car against others and car setups. 

Thanks in part to his father, Ottinger is thoroughly enjoying his eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze iRacing Series championship campaign. The No. 47 Kroger Camaro ZL1 driver’s passion for the sport has grown deeply over the years and he appreciates the opportunities to meet and race against some of the best drivers in the world.

It didn’t take long for Ottinger to stumble upon iRacing. While racing NASCAR ’09 online one day, Ottinger met Michael Conti, who is widely known as the 2014 NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series Powered by iRacing champion. The two raced each other a good bit via league racing. One day Conti, mentioned to Ottinger this simulation called iRacing and showed him a few videos. Ottinger was hooked and ready to try his hand at iRacing.

As he began iRacing, Ottinger’s day usually consisted of transitioning from a normal school day to racing in the evenings. He recalls the day he met NASCAR driver Cale Gale in a street stock practice session racing where they raced each other bumper to bumper for several laps without wrecking. Gale took notice of Ottinger’s talent and approached him about starting a Sim Racing team in August 2011 and asked him to join Gale Force Sim Racing. That opportunity provided by Gale, helped the Claremont, N.C.-native gain knowledge and continue to develop his approach and attitude to be successful in key racing situations.

Today, the 24-year-old is so far pleased with his racing season. He admits it’s one of the better starts to a year that he’s had since entering the division in 2012 because the performance in the setup that he’s bringing to the track. Ottinger has shown speed and has run up front most events and contended for wins.  When he’s not racing or working as a mechanic for his family business Limitless Automotive, the Kroger Racing driver looks forward to family get togethers where he enjoys grilling out and making chicken pie (family recipe) with his dad that’s a big hit with the family. He also makes sure he watches the NASCAR races with his dad on the weekends to keep that tradition alive. Ottinger also finds time to travel once in a while and his most recent trip in March was to the Grand Canyon where he spent with some racing buddies he met on iRacing.