DATE/TIME: Sunday, April 17th / 1 PM ET     
Bristol Motor Speedway: “It’s physically and mentally draining,” Allmendinger said. “For me it’s probably one of the most physically and mentally toughest racetracks we race at on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit. After 500 laps around there, I’m spent for sure. It's still really a cool place and this weekend we will have BUSH'S Beans on our No. 47 Chevrolet SS. BUSH'S Beans has been a longstanding partner of JTG Daugherty Racing and they are based in Knoxville (Tenn.). So, Bristol is a home track. We're looking forward to a good weekend with them.”

Over the years:  “It’s really changed especially running against the wall,” Allmendinger said. “It’s fast, but you are right up against the wall. It’s tough to pass. You have to be somewhat patient if you can be at Bristol.”

Qualifying is critical: “Qualifying is really important because you can get lapped quickly,” Allmendinger said. “You know it’s a place where I’ve had good runs and we’ve had good speed there. It’s got great memories. It was my first race I ever ran in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and it's the place where JTG Daugherty Racing got their first victory (8/23/96 with Jeff Fuller in the NASCAR Xfinity Series)."

Long weekend: "It’s just a tough place," Allmendinger said. "You know when you pull into the parking lot of Bristol, you know you are in for a long weekend whether it goes well or not."

Chills: “The NASCAR races at Bristol Motor Speedway were  always my favorite races to watch on TV,” Allmendinger said. “I had personally heard so many stories about the place, but it still didn’t prepare me for it. When I walked in from the tunnel, I remember kind of looking straight out to the grandstands and I said, ‘Where’s the racetrack” and they were like, ‘It’s down there’ and I was like ‘That’s what we are racing on?’ For anybody that has never been there I tell them they have to go there because TV doesn’t do it justice - - that place especially. It’s an amazing place. Every time I walk into it I still get chills. You have 160,000 seats in the grandstands and a little half-mile bullring. It’s like a coliseum being in there and it sure races like it.”

Fast pace: “Bristol is amazing for so many reasons,” crew chief Randall Burnett said. “I just love the history of that place and short track racing. Honestly, I love all short tracks and that place is just incredible to go to and watch a race and see how it all pans out. It’s so loud, there’s so much going on and things happen so fast there. It’s really a unique challenge for everybody."
Bristol car: "We updated our Phoenix (International Raceway) car, which is similar to our intermediate stuff," Burnett said. "We are happy to take our Phoenix car. Our cars are built fairly similar. We’ve got a few one off cars here and there. We struggled a little at Phoenix so we went back and changed some things on that car. We worked really hard on our Bristol package – suspension, etc. So, we feel excited about getting there."
Weekend progress: "We’ve really worked hard on our Bristol car," Burnett said. "I think we have a pretty good package to unload with. It will be interesting to see how the weekend progresses. It’s fun to watch everybody start on the bottom and see how long it takes to get everybody up by the fence. We’ve got some really good ideas for there. We are really looking forward to going there. That place would be really cool to go run well at. I’ve had a couple opportunities to win in the past there myself. We would really like to run well and get the No. 47 BUSH'S Beans Chevy up in the front."
Pit road mayhem: "Pit road there is really challenging with the corners and having to run down the front and the back," Burnett said. "If you have to stop under green the rules are a little bit different. It’s really challenging. The whole night is just from everything on pit road. It will be really crowded - - pitting on the backstretch versus pitting on the frontstretch. Getting a good stall, you have to qualify well to get a good stall. It’s very important not only for track position, but for pit road stuff too. We will be really focused on qualifying well.”

Tennessee native: "I always look forward to coming back to the mountains of East Tennessee," JTG Daugherty Racing co-owner Jodi Geschickter said. "Bristol means family, friends, and exciting racing to me. I was born in Knoxville and my whole family lives there. BUSH'S Beans is also headquartered in Knoxville. So, we frequently combine our visits with our sponsor family visits too. Its well known that race fans in Bristol are some of the most enthusiastic and the wins in Bristol are the most coveted on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. We won our first NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol in 1996 and will never forget that night. After all of the sacrifices and hard work, it's exciting to see it coming together. We're looking forward to this weekend in Bristol."

Career Starts: 270
Wins:            1
Top-fives:     8
Top-10s:      40
Pole Awards: 4
First Start:  3/25/2007  Bristol  
First Pole:   4/10/2010  Phoenix
Last Pole:    8/8/15 Watkins Glen
Best Start:   1 - 4/10/2010 Phoenix
Best Finish:  1 - 8/10/2014  Watkins Glen
Driver DOB:  12/16/1981        
Hometown:   San Jose, Calif.
Crew Chief:   Randall Burnett


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