EVENT: Geico 500
DATE/TIME:  Sunday, May 1st / 1 PM ET
TV/RADIO: FOX / MRN Radio / SiriusXM
Sponsors: "We have had some incredible sponsors on our No. 47 Chevrolet SS already this season and this weekend we have Crisco and Hungry Jack Pancakes returning, sharing the hood with Kroger," Allmendinger said. "I know I've said this before, but growing up, family breakfast usually included my mom (Karen Allmendinger) whipping up some pancakes and I was always about keeping it simple. All I need is Hungry Jack pancakes with syrup on top and I’m happy. Keep it simple.”

Talladega Superspeedway: "It's a long race and we try to make it exciting for the fans, but for the drivers it really comes down to 25 to 30 laps to go when your body definitely gets tense," Allmendinger said. "That's when you know you just got through the eye of the storm and all heck is about to break loose. You just really hope and pray you are not in the middle once it all lets loose. There’s not a lot you can do when it goes down."

Avoid mistakes: "I always try to say, 'I just hope I'm not the cause of the 'Big One,'" Allmendinger said. "That’s really all you can do, is try not to be the cause of it. You try not to make any mistakes and you hope a lot of luck goes your way at that place and you are able to finish."

Upside down: “Yeah, I've been upside down at Talladega," Allmendinger said. "I just remember as it all started I kind of got turned and it turned my car sideways, which got the wind pressing against it and started picking it up. As soon as the wheels came off the ground, it got quiet. You just hope the landing is soft.  I remember the first landing on the roof was soft and I thought, 'That’s not bad, okay as long as it doesn’t keep rolling.' And, then I got my head turned enough to see I was sliding right towards the fence with the roof aimed first. And, I thought, 'Well that’s going to hurt' and it did. That’s what’s tough."

The Big One: "There’s a bigger possibility of the 'Big One' happening at Talladega than anywhere else," Allmendinger said. "But, you can’t put it in your mind while you are racing otherwise you are just going to be tentative and when you are tentative most of the time you are the cause of the wreck. You know the risks, they are out there. It helps that I believe in this race team and I know they build me as safe a race car as possible. You’ve got to take chances to go win there."

Changed up some things: “For Talladega, we changed some things based on what we learned at Daytona (International Speedway),” crew chief Randall Burnett said. “We felt like we were off a good bit. The guys went to work hard and put a new body on one of our cars. We went through it from head to toe to figure out what we were missing. We’re interested to see how we do with our No. 47 Kroger/Hungry Jack/Crisco Chevrolet SS at Talladega. We feel like we’ve made some gains on it.”

On your toes: “At Talladega, you spend the whole entire race just planning for what those last 15 laps provide,” spotter Coleman Pressley. “During the race, you will see, of course, pit cycles where people sort themselves out and that’s kind of what you use for your last run of the race - - how long it will take you to go to the front and who is better at working the bottom than others. So, as a spotter, the first thing we look for is the cars that seem to be the best and let them be the first in line. Hopefully, we can react and be the second or third in line to gain the advantage of the speed their car has and have enough people behind us pushing us so we can end up with a good finish. Outside of that, it’s really all about the luck of, if the big wreck happens and when it happens and where you are at and hopefully you can avoid it.”

Maximize the day: “We’ve had a couple weekends this season where we kind of missed it, but it’s important to maximize the day no matter what kind of car you’ve got – good or bad – it’s important to maximize it,” Allmendinger said. “When we have adversity, we will fight hard to get the best out of it.”

Career Starts: 272
Wins:            1
Top-fives:     8
Top-10s:      40
Pole Awards: 4
First Start:  3/25/2007  Bristol  
First Pole:   4/10/2010  Phoenix
Last Pole:    8/8/15 Watkins Glen
Best Start:   1 - 4/10/2010 Phoenix
Best Finish:  1 - 8/10/2014  Watkins Glen
Driver DOB:  12/16/1981        
Hometown:   San Jose, Calif.
Crew Chief:   Randall Burnett


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