Drew Morgan

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Name:Drew Morgan
Pit Crew Position: Front Tire carrier
Birth Date: October 28, 1987
Hometown: Union, Kentucky
Favorite Sport Outside of NASCAR: Football
Hobbies Fitness & Outdoors

I started at Hendrick Motorsports where I worked as a tire carrier for four seasons. I attended a tryout in 2012 after a college football career at Morehead State University, and was a part of several wins at Hendrick with the No. 24 team.

The most difficult job about doing pit stops to me is the down time in between stops on race day. The races are long and there are many distractions so it can be difficult at times to maintain focus throughout. My expectations for this season are to have my most accurate and consistent season as a tire carrier yet, and contributing to an overall great season for the No. 47 team.